Better to be lucky than good?

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Better to be lucky than good?

I have been sitting on this shot for a while. I wasn't happy with the original edit, so I never posted it to my FAA/Pixels site. For seven years, I sat it on. I kept saying I'd get back to it but never did until tonight. Not sure why because it was a favorite shot of mine and I always like the "Inside Baseball" of how I even got the shot in the first place.

I was very lucky to have caught made this photograph. I had rode across the bridge in the background and saw the two trains facing us a few moments prior to this. I knew that the one on the right led by CSX ES44AC-H #898 was on the main track and had a red signal. He had come in from Hamlet and was heading toward Atlanta. I knew he was waiting on a freight coming in from South Carolina. Meanwhile, there was a second train (with the SD40-2 #8107) that was further back switching the yard.

I went into the parking lot hoping to get a good shot of the two trains sitting side by side as I waited for the third guy to show up and as I was putting my car into P, I heard the third train coming up behind me. I had about two seconds to get out of the car and snap this one shot. Luckily, my home base settings worked on the camera even with the low sun. It's one of my favorite shots and it was a miracle it worked with the placement of all three trains, two that were moving, the American flag and the gentleman standing outside watching the three train meet.

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So is the adage true? It's better to be lucky than good?